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Industrial Electronics And Control By Bhattacharya Pdf Download

In addition, recent advances in power electronics, computation, and communication technologies could provide the opportunity to optimize and control grid operations closer to the locations where power is consumed (Kassakian et al. 2011), offering significant efficiency, cost, reliability, and emissions benefits.

Industrial Electronics And Control By Bhattacharya Pdf Download


This is a unique time of challenges to adapt the grid for new and changing needs. The challenges present an opportunity to think beyond incremental improvement to a fundamental reimagining and reinvention, building on emergent technology in distributed generation and sensor technology and advances in communications and industrial controls.

Many companies are developing advanced switching and power electronics technologies that can enable more rapid and precise control (Bhattacharya 2017). More advanced protection system devices, reactive power controllers, networked switches, and disconnect-capable meters can enable more agile volt/voltage-ampere reactive (VAR) control throughout the system and a wider range of feasible system reconfiguration options.

Analytically driven and agile control of the grid is being made technologically possible by declining costs of renewable and distributed generation technologies, higher-performance computing, and high-bandwidth communications, coupled with advances in power electronics and related control technologies. Indeed, many of the individual components required to realize agile, fractal grid operations are either already available or in advanced development.


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