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Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath: A Movie Review with Spoilers and Ratings

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath: A Horror Movie Review

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you spent a night with Satan? Well, that's exactly what Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath (One Night with Satan) is about. It's a Hindi horror movie that was released in 2004, starring Sapna Sappu, Rajesh Sabharwal, Dimple, Anil Nagrath, and others. The movie is directed by Chandni Gupta and B.K. Malhotra, and written by Laljee Gorakhpuri. It's a low-budget film that tries to scare you with some spooky scenes and shocking revelations.

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath

In this article, we will review Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath and give you our honest opinion on whether it's worth watching or not. We will summarize the story of the movie, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, compare it with other similar movies, and give you our verdict on it. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath at the end of this article.

The Story of Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath

The Premise

The movie begins with a group of friends who decide to go on a road trip to a hill station. They are Rajesh (Rajesh Sabharwal), Anchal (Sapna Sappu), Dimple (Dimple), Sudhir (Sudhir), Namrata (Namrata), Mansingh (Vinod Tripathi), and Billu (Mac Mohan). On their way, they encounter a mysterious baba (Anil Nagrath) who warns them not to go further as there is danger ahead. He also tells them that there is a haunted house nearby where a woman named Shabnam (Shabnam) was killed by her husband and his lover. The baba also gives them a locket that can protect them from evil spirits.

The friends ignore the baba's warning and continue their journey. They reach the hill station and find a hotel to stay. However, they soon realize that the hotel is actually the haunted house that the baba was talking about. They also discover that the locket that the baba gave them is missing. They start experiencing strange and terrifying things in the house, such as ghostly voices, moving objects, and blood stains. They also find out that Shabnam's spirit is still roaming in the house, seeking revenge on her husband and his lover, who are none other than Rajesh and Anchal.

The Twist

The movie takes a surprising turn when it is revealed that Rajesh and Anchal are not the only ones who have a dark secret. In fact, all the friends have some connection to Shabnam's death. Sudhir is Shabnam's brother, who helped Rajesh kill her for money. Dimple is Shabnam's sister-in-law, who was having an affair with Sudhir. Namrata is Shabnam's cousin, who was jealous of her beauty and success. Mansingh is Shabnam's driver, who was also involved in her murder. And Billu is Shabnam's servant, who witnessed the crime but did not report it.

It turns out that the baba was actually Shabnam's father, who had planned this whole trap to expose and punish his daughter's killers. He had hired a local actor to play the role of Shabnam's ghost and scare the friends. He had also rigged the house with hidden cameras, microphones, and speakers to record and broadcast their confessions. He had also stolen the locket from them to make them more vulnerable.

The Climax

The movie reaches its climax when Shabnam's father confronts the friends and reveals his identity and motive. He tells them that he has been watching their every move and listening to their every word. He shows them the footage of their crimes and confessions on a large screen. He also tells them that he has informed the police about their whereabouts and that they will soon be arrested.

The friends are shocked and terrified by this revelation. They beg for mercy and forgiveness from Shabnam's father, but he refuses to listen. He tells them that they deserve to suffer for what they did to his daughter. He then activates a bomb that he had planted in the house, intending to kill himself and the friends along with him. However, before the bomb explodes, Shabnam's ghost appears and stops him. She tells him that she does not want him to die or to kill anyone else. She says that she has forgiven her killers and wants them to repent for their sins. She also says that she loves him and wants him to live happily. She then disappears, leaving behind a peaceful smile.

The movie ends with Shabnam's father breaking down in tears and hugging her photo. The friends are also moved by Shabnam's gesture and realize their mistakes. The police arrive and arrest them for their crimes. The movie ends with a message that says "Forgiveness is the greatest virtue".

The Analysis of Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath

The Strengths

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is not a typical horror movie that relies on cheap jump scares and gore effects to scare you. It has some elements of mystery, drama, and morality that make it more interesting and engaging than most of its counterparts. Some of the strengths of the movie are:

  • The acting: The actors do a decent job of portraying their characters and emotions. Sapna Sappu as Anchal stands out as the main antagonist who is cold-hearted, manipulative, and ruthless. Anil Nagrath as Shabnam's father also delivers a powerful performance as a grieving and vengeful parent.

  • The cinematography: The movie uses some effective camera angles and lighting techniques to create a spooky atmosphere and mood. The scenes in the haunted house are especially well-shot, with dark shadows, flickering lights, and eerie sounds.

  • The music: The movie has a catchy and haunting soundtrack that suits its theme and tone. The songs are composed by Sawan Kumar Sawan and sung by various artists such as Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Sadhana Sargam, etc. The songs add to the emotional impact of the movie.

  • The suspense: The movie keeps you hooked with its twists and turns that reveal the secrets of the characters and their motives. The movie also keeps you guessing about whether Shabnam's ghost is real or not, until the end. The movie also has some unexpected and shocking moments that keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Weaknesses

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is not a flawless movie by any means. It has many weaknesses that undermine its quality and credibility. Some of the weaknesses of the movie are:

  • The script: The movie has a weak and illogical script that is full of plot holes, inconsistencies, and clichés. The movie does not explain how Shabnam's father managed to set up such a elaborate trap for his daughter's killers, or how he knew their exact location and identity. The movie also does not justify why Shabnam's ghost decided to forgive her killers at the last moment, or why she did not appear earlier to stop them. The movie also relies on some overused and unrealistic tropes, such as the baba's warning, the missing locket, the haunted house, etc.

  • The direction: The movie has a poor and amateurish direction that fails to create a coherent and convincing narrative. The movie has many scenes that are either unnecessary, repetitive, or confusing. The movie also has some editing errors and continuity issues that affect its flow and clarity. The movie also lacks in creativity and originality, as it borrows heavily from other horror movies, such as The Exorcist, The Omen, The Sixth Sense, etc.

  • The logic: The movie has a low level of logic and common sense that makes it hard to believe and enjoy. The movie has many instances where the characters act in stupid and irrational ways that put them in danger or expose their secrets. For example, the friends decide to stay in a haunted house despite knowing its history and experiencing paranormal activities. They also confess their crimes in front of hidden cameras and microphones without realizing it. They also fail to notice the obvious clues and signs that point to Shabnam's father's involvement.

The Comparison

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is one of the many horror movies that have been made in India over the years. It belongs to the genre of supernatural horror, which involves ghosts, demons, curses, etc. Some of the other movies that belong to this genre are Raaz, Bhoot, 1920, Ragini MMS, etc.

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is similar to these movies in terms of its theme, plot, and style. However, it is different from them in terms of its quality, originality, and impact. Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is inferior to these movies in terms of its production value, direction, script, acting, and logic. It is also less original and innovative than these movies in terms of its concept, twist, and message. It is also less impactful and memorable than these movies in terms of its scare factor, emotion factor, and social factor.

The following table compares Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath with some other similar movies:

Movie Production Value Direction Script Acting Logic Concept Twist Message Scare Factor Emotion Factor Social Factor --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath Low Poor Weak Decent Low Unoriginal Surprising Forgiveness Moderate Low Low Raaz High Good Strong Good High Original Shocking Love High High High Bhoot High Good Strong Good High Original Shocking Revenge High High High 1920 High Good Strong Good High Original Shocking Faith High High High Ragini MMS Moderate Fair Fair Fair Moderate Unoriginal Predictable Lust Moderate Low Low The Verdict on Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is a horror movie that tries to scare you with some spooky scenes and shocking revelations. However, it fails to impress you with its low production value, poor direction, weak script, and illogical plot. It also lacks in originality and innovation, as it borrows heavily from other horror movies. It also has a weak message of forgiveness that does not match with its genre and tone.

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is not a movie that we would recommend to anyone who is looking for a quality and enjoyable horror movie. It is a movie that we would only suggest to those who are curious about how bad a horror movie can be, or who are fans of Sapna Sappu and her bold scenes. It is a movie that we would rate 2 out of 10 stars.


  • Who is Sapna Sappu?

Sapna Sappu is an Indian actress who is known for her roles in B-grade movies, especially in the horror and erotic genres. She has appeared in more than 250 movies, mostly in Hindi, but also in other languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. She is also known as Sapna or Sapna Tanveer.

  • What is the meaning of Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath?

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath means One Night with Satan in Hindi. It is the title of the movie that we have reviewed in this article. It refers to the night that the characters spend in a haunted house with a vengeful spirit.

  • Is Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath based on a true story?

No, Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that is inspired by other horror movies and stories. However, some of the scenes and dialogues in the movie are taken from real-life incidents and news reports.

  • Where can I watch Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath?

Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath is available on various online platforms, such as YouTube, Hotstar, Zee5, etc. You can also find it on DVD or VCD formats in some stores or online shops.

  • Are there any sequels or remakes of Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath?

No, there are no sequels or remakes of Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath. It is a standalone movie that does not have any follow-ups or adaptations.



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