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Christopher Dubey
Christopher Dubey

[S1E7] Life In A Glass House

Peter then tells her after tonight she'll be alone just like him. That means he is telling her he's gonna take her parents away from her. So she will be an orphan. Peter offers her to be friends with him and to stay with him in the house if she wants. Instead Danny demands Peter to leave her parents alone, but Peter claims it's too late because they've aged too much now, and have entered the final phase. Peter offers Danny the chance to stay young like him forever. Danny thinks he is crazy and backs away. He threatens her that if she won't join him he'll have to drain her life too. She takes his picture on a Polaroid and runs when the flash temporarily blinds him. As she runs off he yells to her "you're too late!"

[S1E7] Life in a Glass House




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