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Israel Sukhanov
Israel Sukhanov

Against All Odds(1984) ##BEST##

In fact, most of the film is either deadly dull or accidental camp. Jessie had rebelled against her real-estate investing mother by hooking up with a sleazy bookie, then ran away from him, using her trust fund to hide out in Cozumel in designer creations and a gorgeous, abandoned beach house. Terry finds Jessie in Mexico and they quickly become lovers, traveling to exotic locations like Chichen Itza and El Castillo to have hot, naked sex. Jake has them followed, and they soon become embroiled in a deadly real estate and gambling scheme. The situation spirals out of control, and Jessie, despite being well into her late 20s, is forced back home with her mother, Terry forbidden from seeing her again.

Against All Odds(1984)


Important movement is taking place on the political and diplomatic fronts with respect to each of Central America's three main conflicts. On the regional level, the Contadora Group, after months of drafting and extensive consultations with all five Central American countries, has succeeded, against all odds, in elaborating a broadly acceptable draft treaty, which Nicaragua has announced it intends to sign. In El Salvador, President Jose Napoleon Duarte and opposition leaders recently held the first face-to-face meeting at that level that we know about in the five-year history of the civil war. They agreed to form a joint government-rebel commission to discuss ways to bring peace to the country. And in Nicaragua, the Sandinista government almost agreed earlier this month to permit the main potential opposition candidate, Arturo Cruz, to participate in Nicaragua's coming elections in exchange for a cease-fire in the contra war against that country.

The New York Times reported Oct. 21 that, despite the administration's public support for free elections in Nicaragua, the CIA was working against Mr. Cruz in his attempt to reach an agreement with the Sandinistas on the terms of his participation in the election. It did so by encouraging the right-wing business leaders in the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP), who are part of Cruz's coalition, not to agree to any proposal.

Those in Congress who were working hard to support Cruz in his negotiations with the Sandinistas know that the administration was not giving any help, but did not know that it was working actively against us.

That the administration works against these agreements brings into stark relief the differences between US goals and those of the countries of the region. The administration seeks to get rid of the Sandinista regime, but the Contadora process assumes the regime's continued existence. The administration seeks to deny the left a political role in El Salvador, but the idea of a political settlement assumes a role of the left. The administration seeks to increase the pressure on the Sandinistas until they cry uncle, but fair elections would ease that pressure. The inappropriateness of the administration's objectives drives it to work against the interests of our Latin neighbors and to oppose agreements that would, on their face, further the interests of the US. The Central American countries and the Contadora group are making heroic efforts to take control of their destinies and avert disaster. They deserve better from the US than they are getting. 041b061a72


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