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Christopher Dubey
Christopher Dubey

Mt. Mograph BOOMBOX V15

Mt. Mograph BOOMBOX for After Effects & PP is the Plug-in that lets you create Motion sounds from over 300 sounds with our growing library. No cables. No syncing. Just select a sound and start making magic. Hit play, hit stop. Boom.

Mt. Mograph BOOMBOX v15

Mt. Mograph Boombox lets you quickly search and find sounds by using search strings, tags, and categories. Have you ever tried to create a fantastic song by using only keyboards or drums, and not knowing which song you are trying to replicate, let alone knowing how to create it? Now you can with the power of Boombox to instantly create your own soundtracks from a database of over 300 sounds, all in one click. Just start with your keyboard, drum set, or wherever else you get creative with your sounds. The built-in sound engine handles all your production needs, so just record your ideas into a timeline with ease.

Now Boombox is not only a library of sounds, its a composition tool, too. With the click of a button you can load a Boombox composition and instantly synchronize sounds to the timeline at the moment you play it back. Want to get started with a sound, but not sure which ones to choose? Just open your Library or import a set of sounds into a folder. You can add as many clips as you want to a single composition, then play back to sync sounds.

Whats a library? Its like a digital soundbox, only bigger. Boombox has its own unique Library where you can add, organize, and choose sounds for your compositions. Use tags, categories, and search strings to instantly choose sounds and sync them to your timeline. Work in a Library to get the sounds you need for your next project, then get back to the work you were doing. Boombox lets you simply browse through sound libraries for any need you can imagine. The Library is where you create, store, and edit your library of custom sounds.


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