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Christopher Dubey

Monster Storm2 Ver 1.1.0 MOD APK

Players will enter a colorful world filled with various monsters as they experience Monster Storm 2. In it, they will have a long journey and will confront many different challenges. It could be another monster user and anyone who wants to win the match. So you will spend time traveling from place to place to increase the power of the monster you own.

Monster Storm2 Ver 1.1.0 MOD APK


The world you will experience in Monster Storm 2 is a world with many different monsters that you can find anywhere on your journey. The environment in this game has its beauty that you will spend a lot of time exploring, and there are many surprises that you can find. So there will be many environments waiting for players ahead, and there will be many characters that you can approach and talk to.

At the start of Monster Storm 2, you will receive a monster selected from three monsters of different types. Also, you can see the forms it possesses as it develops later. So you can choose the monster you feel impressed with and go with it to many different places and face strong opponents. You will use the skills of the monster to win the battles with other monsters. It is a tactical game.

Adapted from one of the fascinating works of Japanese culture: Pokemon. Monster Storm2 is an improved version and has more interesting features than the first one. Still talking about the process of the trainers on the way to conquer the monsters. The game will give us the most events and the clearest view of the competition of different players. All will capture and upgrade the power of monsters through many different places. Compete to compare whose monster is stronger. Such competitions happen every day. Bring in a huge amount of coaches involved.

If the monster world becomes peaceful, it will be fun and comfortable. But in this journey, there will be many villains appearing. Most of them will claim to be from mysterious organizations specializing in kidnapping and using monsters for inhuman experiments. Of course, when you encounter, you will have to confront those villains. Be careful because the monsters they own are also perilous. Most will be covered with terrifying black smoke. With powerful moves that can defeat any monster. We really need the right tactics to deal with them. If you win, you will receive a special reward.

An extremely new but equally interesting version of the monsters in the magic ball. The adventure of the trainers will continue as long as the monsters cannot be captured. Monster Storm2 will continue the unfinished journey in the first part. Depicts the happiest and most beautiful monster world.

After a long time of fighting fear and hunger, you are now a person with high survival skills. From there, you understand that new survival challenges are waiting for you in front of you, and continuing difficulties will come to challenge you. The game gives you the feeling of being a real nomad, having to find food and water, make a raft to catch fish, have to make a weapon to chase monsters, etc. Gradually you know how to make an accommodation, and you know that his primary goal is to survive.

Always bring unique, interesting things. Unique is the attraction of many gamers who know and join our game. Not boring like other adventure games, not just explore the spaces in the game or take on many challenges. Players also can participate in new events organized by us and enjoy those rare moments to create something special. Would you dress up as a monster instead of a pretty princess for Halloween? Will you prepare great surprises to join the warm Easter or Christmas celebration? It all depends on your decision.

I am gurunadh I was playing this game since,last 2years I am trying my monster max 100 levels .I trained 6elite,4normal,3rare,1mytra. But I saw a mytra monster not capturing in monster Ball. This is problem that I can't catch mytra monster in this game.

Monster battles are the basis of Monster Trips. There are many types of monsters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This game is all about training different types of monsters according to their interests and using various strategies.


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